This step by step shows how to create a wood texture on leather

Step 1: Step One

Find some inspiration for your wood design and trace a rough outline on your cased leather with a modelling spoon. Cut a few basic lines with a swivel knife, but just a few

Step 2: Step 2

If you are putting a name on, start with that by doing inverted carving and tooling. Start bevelling some of the lines you have made with the swivel knife. The depth needs to vary, so you can really bang some areas quite hard, and go a lot lighter on different areas. There is no right or wrong - just create different depths

Step 3: Step 3

Complete the bevelling. In some places, bevel both sides of the line, in other alternate between the two sides of the line

Step 4: Step 4

Once all the bevelling is done, use your swivel knife to make very light cuts, flowing in the direction of the wood

Step 5:

Using an airbrush, or a paint brush, start with diluted yellow spirit dye, followed with tan dye

Step 6: Step 6

Use dark brown spirit dye in the crevices

Step 7: Step 7

If you have tooled a name, dye the name and then seal the coaster. Once dry, apply dark antique liberally and rub into all the folds, wipe off and seal. Your wood effect should now show up nicely