Introduction: LED Acrylic Trophy / Placard

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In this project, we will be making a LED Acrylic Trophy which use Light Emitting Diode (LED) to make your Acrylic Trophy more enchanting (electrically).

It’s a fairly easy project and could be used/done on variety purposes.

Step 1: List of Material

In this project we will be using:

- Acyrlic Throphy / Placard,

- Screwdrivers,

- 5mm LED,

- Resistor,

- Cable,

- Solder Iron & Tin,

- And Power Supply (Power Bank, 5V PC USB, etc)

Step 2: Hardware Connection

In general, the connections are very simple. Follow the instructions and images above, and you should have no problems.

Connecting LED Module

  • The VCC (+) pin of LED to Resistor (LED2 parallel to LED1),
  • The GND (-) pin to Power Supply GND.

Drill Acrylic Trophy

  • Measure Acrylic Trophy Bottom,
  • Mark where LED will be place,
  • Drill 5mm hole step by step (from 1mm to 5mm).

Step 3: Enjoy Your Modified Acrylic Trophy!

Power through USB or another Power Supply and you're good to go. After making sure everything work smoothly, you can take this project into another great project in any way you prefer.