Introduction: LED Arduino Night Light

About my project: This is my LED Arduino Night Light. This is my project, I made a night light using Arduino and I add paper to make it look nice.

I follow the link of making LED:


LED- x1

Jumper Wire- x3

Resistor- x1

Paper(color and non color)- x6

Power bank- x1

scissors- x1

Pen(color and non color)- x5

Double-sided tape- x1

USB cable- x1

Arduino Leonardo- x1

Breadboard- x1

Step 1: Prepare the Material You'll Need

LED, Jumper Wire, Resistor, Paper(color and no color), Power bank, scissors, Pen(color and no color), Double-sided tape, USB cable, Arduino Leonardo and breadboard

Step 2: Put the LED

Put the LED on the breadboard like the picture

Step 3: Connect the Jumper Wire

Connect the Jumper Wire from the same line as long leg to your output (my output is 12)

Step 4: Put the Resistor

Connect the resistor from the same line as the short leg to B-48

Step 5: Connect Another Jumper Wire

Connect another jumper wire from the same line as the resistor to the negative of the breadboard

Step 6: Connect the The Final Jumper Wire

Connect the final jumper wire from the negative of the breadboard to the GND

Step 7: It Should Look Like This...

Step 8: Cut and Stick the Paper

You can do whatever you want with the paper as long as it covers most of your wire and board. ( for me I just trace a free to use side girl picture and draw out the character that I like)

Step 9: Enter the Code

To upload the code into Arduino, you'll need to attach your Arduino broad with pc using the USB cable

This link is for the code that I used: change the delay time and the output)

Step 10: You Are Done!

After you upload the code into Arduino, you can connect the USB cable to the power bank for the look