Introduction: LED As a Solar Cell

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Here the presented instructable shows you how to generate electricity from LED. LED acts as a solar cell when it is kept in reverse bias condition. Read the complete instructable to know how to use LED as a Solar Cell.

Step 1: Materials

1. LED

2. Multimeter

3. Source of Light

Step 2: LED

LED is the light emitting Diode. In my previous instructable I have shown you how to Generate Electricity from Diode. Here, LED is used which is also one type of Diode.

Here LED is to be kept in Reverse Bias i.e. Negative terminal of the LED should be connected to positive terminal of Multi meter and vice versa.

Step 3: How To

As decided earlier Connect the LED in Reverse Bias Condition

Step 4: Observations

When the LED is open in the sun there are readings on multi meter and when the Sunlight is blocked then there are no voltages.

See the images for the observations.

Step 5: In Artificial Light

Here I have kept the LED under the Tubelight very near to it. It generates about 1.5v.

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