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After building the bunk bed for my two little girls, I decided that I was sick of their small, battery powered, night lights. A bed built like a castle should have a little more to it. LED kits cost about $15.00 on Amazon, you can buy clips, and ribbon cable tailored specifically to the RGB strips you choose. Best part? Remote control!

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

Couldn't be more simple. Buy an LED kit (There are a lot.)

I chose

And get some clips to go along with the kit. a 100 pack cost $7.00

I chose clear, but the white ones seem more durable so that's the link I provided.

A phillips screwdriver (I used my mini impact driver)

And a pair of wire cutters.

Look, I know the strips have an adhesive already on them, But even purchasing expensive sets, I have found the adhesion to be poor at best, Even on a clean surface.

I find it usefull to put the clips and screws in separate containers. They kind of get all over the place if you do not.

Step 2: Choosing IR Receiver Location

This is pretty important and can dictate the project. If you chose a location far away from the area you want lit up, You will have to solder (No big deal, but we're going for easy here.)

I chose under the bottom step. It's the bigger step and allows me to hide it easier and the kids don't notice so much.

Mount the IR receiver in a pot that you can aim the remote at easily. If you're using multiple kits, setting them close together allows you to control all with one remote! GREAT!

Step 3: Attaching the Strips

These are BRIGHT when viewed directly and could probably damage your vision. Best to mount them in such a way as to not be viewed directly. In designing the bed (I didn't make an Instructable because Instructables has me feeling quite discouraged) I designed places that the lights could be attached to easily away from tiny fingers.

Under the beds, and beneath the steps (That dangling part will be removed later but I chose to leave it until I cover the steps with carpet) will help increase safety for groggy kiddos, and keep them excited about the customizability of their new castle!

Step 4: Conclusion

Introduce the lighting to your children to it on a dark night and you'll probably be kept up for hours by them playing and giggling.... Introduce them to it in the afternoon, and the konk out on the bed. It's great!

I hope you enjoyed this mini how to and please consider voting for it in the lighting contest! I would love to have my own laser!

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