Introduction: LED Ball

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Hi in this instructable i am going to show you how to make an LED ball.


You need to collect a few things.These are easily available.

1-A plastic ball

2-Some wires

3-6 LEDs

4-A solder

5-A marker

6-A scissor

7-A wire cutter

8-A CR2032 3V coin cell

Step 2: STEP:2

Mark 6 points on the plastic ball.First one on the top,next one at the bottom, and the next four in the middle at equal distance.

Step 3: STEP:3

Now make a hole at the marked points.I was able to do that with a scissor but you can use anything else.The holes should be big enough to pass a part of the LED.

Step 4: STEP:4

Now pass the LEDs into the holes from the inside of the plastic ball.If they dont come out then enlarge the hole. Dont worry if they completely come out.Use glue to fix them in place.

Step 5: STEP:5

Take out the LEDs and attach them in parallel with the cell and a switch.

Step 6: STEP:6

Insert the LEDs into the ball with the battery and close the lid.

Step 7: FINISH

And now you shall be holding an LED ball.Whenever you want to use it just open the lid and switch it on. I use mine as a bed light whenever i visit my village.I originally planned to add more LEDs but there was a shortage of funds. Feel free to comment. Please vote for the LED and lighting contest.

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