Introduction: LED Workbench Light Led

This Project is largely inspired by 'Well done tips' Here is his video below. This project utilities aluminium, LEDs and a 12v regulator to create an efficient and useful bench light. perfect for an indoor work desk where lighting is poor or when extremely good lighting is needed.

Step 1: Step 1: Materials

Here are the things you need to make this;

  • Roll of high quality LEDs
  • 2m of aluminium with dimensions of 25mm x 2mm
  • 12v power supply (<40w)
  • 2 aluminium corner pieces
  • M6 nuts and bolts
  • Drill with 6mm drill bit
  • 6mm wrench
  • Soldering iron and solder (optional)

Step 2: Step 2: Bending to Size & Marking the Holes

The aluminium can be bent into almost any shape by hand. The idea is to form an illuminated arc over working area on my workbench. so i went ahead and bend the aluminium into a semi circle. I also marked holes on the aluminium so i know where to drill. Here's what it looked like.

Step 3: Adding LEDS

now its time to add in the LEDs, measure out a suffice length of Leds and begin sticking them on! I will be connecting 2 strips up in serise to get the maximum brightness. If you don't feel like soldering then just stick with 1 strip. Electrical tape was used to cover up the joint to prevent shorts.

Note: I will be using this solderless barrel connector plug which allows me to plug it straight into the 12 regulator.

Step 4: Power Up!

It looks Great! (the camera doesn't do it justice, it's so bright that the camera has to dim it!)it runs very efficiently and doesn't produce much heat (most of the heat produced is sucked away by the aluminium, another reason to use this metal.) Again shout out to "Well done tips" for the inspiration.