LED Bicycle Lamp Sculpture




Introduction: LED Bicycle Lamp Sculpture

Hanging fixture constructed with only bicycle parts and LED lights.

Step 1: Getting It All Together

This is a fun project that I made with the parts I had left over from stripping my bike of all unnecessary parts to make it a single speed cruiser.

- As many misc. bike parts as you want( Derailers, brakes, levers, cables, bits of chain, shift levers, baggage rack etc.)
- ~ 8X32 stove bolts
- 30 x 5 mm 20ma LED's
- 15 x 85 ohm 1/4watt resitors
- 5.7 volt Cell phone charger
- a few meters of two types of small gauge wire
- 1/8" heat shrink
- soldering equipment


Figure out how you will put everything together... You just have start somewhere.

Step 3: Wiring

After the contraption is built fit some lights on it.

I used an old cell phone charger to power the fixture, which was 5.7volts, then I used http://ledcalc.com/#calc to calculate the resistors for the amount of lights I wanted. There are many ways to wire something like this so you can play with it. I attached the schematic of the wiring I used.
Cut the plug off the end of the charger and expose the wires then solder them to the leads from the thing you just built .

Step 4: Hang It

I chose to hang the unit from the ceiling in the corner of the room using the old shift cables.

Step 5: Enjoy


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    14 years ago on Introduction

    Ohhhhh. I had to look at the entire instructable to understand just exactly what this is... Is this a fixture that hangs off a bike?...No, it's a hanging lamp. A suggestion: change the title to "LED Bike Lamp Sculpture"