Introduction: LED Bikelight V2

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This is version 2 of the LED Bike Light system. After using version 1 I came to two conclusions:

- They have perfected the LED rear blinky light, don't make your own unless you really want to (I like the Blackburn Mars 3.0 )this is not to discourage you from making your own if you really want to, I'm just saying this blackburn light is bright.
- The headlight is crazy bright, and can be brighter...

This version just has 15 more LED lights, a hi/lo switch and foregoes the rear blinky part.

Step 1: Parts

33x 55,000 MCD White LED
DPDT Switch
9v battery snap connector (if needed, my 8aa battery holder needs it.)
8aa holder.
Reflector mount.
Breadboard ( I used the PC-403)

Step 2: Solder

I am using 8AA which is 12v. (8 x 1.5). The LEDs work from 2.8-4 volts so you will want to solder 3 in series.
I used 6 sets of 3 for the "low beam" setting. Start with the positive on the outside and ending with the negative in the middle. This is important because you will do the same for the next set of LED's so you can share one negative, just for cleaner wiring.

Solder the bottom set of 5x3 LEDs the same way.

Solder the positive wires all together for the top set, and the bottom set.

Run a wire from the positive to the middle posts on the dpdt switch.
Run one wire from the top post to the top set of 6 leds. This makes the low beam setting.
Run two wires from the bottom posts, one to the bottom set of LEDs, the other back to the top set of LEDs.

Cut a 4 feet length of wire back to you battery back, connecting the negative to the middle/negative wires on the circuit board. Now you have a hi/lo headlight.

Step 3: Reflector Holes.

Drill two holes for your reflector mount, and secure with nuts and bolts.

Step 4: Done.

check out the pics for hi/lo beam action.