Introduction: LED Blinking {Button Controlled}

I'm a student in Kang Chiao. This is my project, I use Arduino and made a led-blinking light with a button that can make it blink. You can put it on your cloth and when some people are too close to you, you can press the button and the light bulb will start blinking.

This is my link from where I have my idea:

These are the steps to make it, hope you enjoy it.

Step 1: Prepare Material

required material:

jumper wires


LED light bulb


Arduino Leonardo board


USB cable

Step 2: Build Up Your Arduino Board and Breadboard

  1. Use a jump wire to connect GND to -, and 5v to +
  2. Use a jump wire to connect 13 to one of the line on the breadboard, and plug a resister on the line beside it.
  3. put two wires under the two lines in step 2, and connect the wires with a light bulb
  4. Use a jump wire to connect 11 to another line on the breadboard, the plug another jump wire beside it and connect it to +.
  5. put the wires that's on the button under the two lines, and put a resistor on the line that connects 11.

Step 3: Finish It

  1. get a box and poke a hole on the middle
  2. put the LED though the hole

Step 4: Write the Code

The link of code on Arduino:

Step 5: Done!

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