LED Camping Light

Introduction: LED Camping Light

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Was out by the cooling pond camping a while back and one of the men made a suggestion for a camping light. Here is the result. It throws out more lumens than a standard 36watt fluoro and uses about 5-6 amps.

Step 1: How It Goes Together

  • Ingredients:
  • about a metre of 50mm PVC pipe
  • an end cap for the pipe
  • I used 3 of 5metre lengths of LED strip lights, they were 2835 chips with 120 chips per metre.
  • electrical tape solder and other miscellaneous consumables
  • some 2 core cable and a lighter plug

How to get it done:

Thanks for having a look at my instructable, hopefully this video format I am using works better for everyone on phones and tablets which the text and photo style seems to not display well on.

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