Introduction: LED Iphone Charger

 This is an iphone 4/ ipod charger that is wired with an EL wire. When plugged in, the EL wire will light up with it for easy finding especially in the dark.

Step 1: Material List

-IPhone Charger
-EL Wire with battery box(
-Soldering Iron
-Soldering Kit
-Electrical Tape(Helps prevent circuits from blowing out)
-Project Box (
-Extension Cord
-USB cables

Step 2:

Take apart the IPhone charger wall adapter. Use the pliers and pull on the plug end(male end) until the top is opened up, the circuits will be visible. Take the circuits out from the IPhone charger wall adapter. 

Step 3:

Unscrew the battery box for the EL Wire and take out the circuit, this circuit allows the EL wire to work.

Step 4:

Open up the project box and  fit in both of the circuits of the EL Wire and IPod wall adapter. Solder both of the circuits so they can work together. 

Step 5:

5.Connect the EL wire to the positive and negative components on the IPhone wall adapter. Soldered them together.

Step 6:

6.Wrap the USB wires around the EL wire.

Step 7:

7.Keep these wires wrapped with clear plastic tape(maybe clear heat shrink tubing as well).

Step 8:

8.Finally, reconnect the USB wires to the IPhone connector side.