Introduction: LED Control Using Blynk App and Arduino

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In this project we about to know switching on/off LED with arduino using blynk app,Instead of using Wifi module,Bluetooth module,GSM module etc. It is another way of using Internet of things Don't think it is difficulty.It's easy to learn.If you don't have the blynk app link is there below it,download now.

Step 1: Components&Connections

Components required are

1. Arduino Uno with cable

2. breadboard

3.Jumper wires

4.LED with blynk app


1st you need to connect the 2 pins are connected to arduino. In LED small pin is connected to GND and other pin is connected to digital pin 13.there is another way of connection. LED is connected to breadboard and the jumper wires are connected to arduino to breadboard.Don't worry I'll explain about this. first connect the LED to breadboard small pin to -ve terminal big pin to +ve terminal.take 2 jumper wires(male to male) and connect to 2 terminals of breadboard and GND and digital pin of arduino.

Step 2: Create Your Project on Blynk App and Copy the Auth Token on Arduino Software

If you Don't have blynk app download on google playstore. after downloading of blynk app open it now and log in (or) connect with facebook is the best way to log in. after login create your project name,choose your device(hardware) and select your connection type after completing tap on create button it sends the auth token to your email-id. open your email-id copy your auth token send by blynk app. open your arduino IDE click on file goto examples to blynk to boards_USB_serial and click on Arduino_serial_USB. After click on Arduino_serial_USB on char auth[ ]="your auth token".remove 'your auth token' paste your token it on what you have copied on mail.

Step 3: Final Step

After creating the project on blynk goto your created project, swipe left it shows widget box and select the button widget.Tap the button it goes to button settings select digital pin 13 after you can select push and switch mode. After click on blynk-ser and it shows serial port and type your port .

PRECAUTIONS:- 1.Do not close the blynk-ser after typing your port.

2.In LED small pin was connected to GND and big pin was connected to digital pin 13.

After completion of this process go to blynk app go to your project and tap on play symbol button it will shows the online or offline. tap your button and the LED light blinks.

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