Introduction: LED Cork Light

Here is a fun way to make some extra LED lighting that you can easily turn off by sliding the battery out when you don't need the light anymore!

Step 1: Materials and Equipment

  • pliers
  • exacto knife
  • drill and bit
  • LED's
  • Coin cell batteries
  • wine bottle corks
  • handsaw

Step 2: Cut Cork to Length and Drill Hole

Using an exacto knife, cut your cork to the length of the leads on your LED's minus about a 1/4 - 1/3" (this will allow you to make a bend in the leads to grip the cork).

Drill a hole, the diameter of the distance between the leads on your LED (measured at the light end), right through the centre of the cork. Hold the cork securely in the grip of a pair of pliers (photo 2) or put in a vice to drill.

Stick the LED leads through the hole to check your length (photo 6).

If you want to taper your cork a bit in order for it to be able go a little further into the bottle, you can use the exacto knife to very carefully! shape the edge of the cork or try this sanding method:

Step 3: Cut Battery Slot

Cut a slot in the non tapered end of the cork to accommodate the thickness of your battery (photo 1). Make your slot more than 1/2 the diameter of your battery.

Secure the cork in a vice (photo 2) to keep it from moving around, and use your hand saw to cut both sides of the slot.

Step 4: Bend the Leads

Put the LED leads back through the hole in your cork and using the pliers, bend the leads away from each other over the edge of the cork (photo 3). The leads will run up the inside of the slot making it a bit snug for the battery which will help to keep it in place.

You are now ready to test it out!

Insert your battery in the slot and if the positive and negative sides are lined up, it should light up! (flip your battery around if the light doesn't come on).

Step 5: Make More!

Stick your LED cork light in the top of a wine bottle and enjoy!

Once you have made one of these cork lights, you will want to make a whole set - they are much happier in a group!

When you want to turn off the light, slip the batteries out of the cork for next time.

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