Introduction: LED Critter

The LED critter is a simple adaptation of Hans Schantz's creation. It involves basic materials that almost any classroom has and it is simple enough for kindergarten through fifth grade to create a fun critter.

Step 1: Materials Needed

You will need the following materials

  1. cardboard egg carton
  2. two LEDs
  3. 3V coin cell battery
  4. 2 pipe cleaners
  5. tape
  6. scissors
  7. seam ripper or something to create holes in the cardboard

Step 2: Preparing the Outer Critter

First you want to prepare the outer critter. You will need to cut the head from the egg carton and each pipe cleaner into thirds or more depending on how many legs you want your critter to have.

Step 3: Finishing the Exterior of the Critter

First you will need to punch two holes for the eyes of your critter. I found that the seam ripper was the easiest tool to create the holes. Next you need to add holes for the critters legs. You can use the seam ripper or a hole puncher. After creating the holes, add the legs and bend them inside so that they don't slip out of the body. Finally add your two LED eyes.

Step 4: Creating the Interior of the Critter

To make it easier for younger children, I color coded the positive of the coin cell battery and the leads of the LED. Place the coin cell battery between the leads to create a complete circuit. If one of the LEDs does not light up, pull it out and turn it around. I would highly recommend coloring the longer positive lead for younger children but let older children figure out what is happening. Lastly tape both sides of the battery to the leads.

Step 5: Putting Your Critter to Sleep

To let your critter rest, remove the battery. Don't forget to decorate your critter to make it scary or friendly. Enjoy!