LED Dice With Buzzer

Introduction: LED Dice With Buzzer

This instructable will teach you how to make a LED dice with buzzer when button is pressed.

Original source: https://www.instructables.com/id/Easy-Arduino-LED-Dice/


-jumper wires

-7 LEDs

-1 breadboard

-1 Arduino Leonardo

-1 USB cable for Arduino

-1 button

-1 buzzer

-1 resistor

Step 1: Assembling LEDs

Arrange your LEDs in the H formation shown above. The H formation will make sure your outcome looks like a dice.

Step 2: Wiring the LEDs

Now use the jumper wires to connect the LEDs. Connect:

LED 1 in pin 1

LED 2 in pin 2

LED 3 in pin 3

LED 4 in pin 7

LED 5 in pin 4

LED 6 in pin 5

LED 7 in pin 6

And connect all LEDs to the negative channel.

Step 3: The Buzzer

Connect the positive leg of the buzzer to pin 11 and the other leg to the negative channel.

Step 4: The Button

Follow the formation shown in this image. The grey line goes to the 5V pin and the orange line goes to pin 8.

Step 5: Coding

Here is the code I used for this project:


Step 6: Wrap & Done!

Wrap and decorate your work to make it look better if you wish. That's all!

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