Introduction: LED Dimmer Circuit | 555 Timer Projects

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Step 1: Description

In this tutorial, we will look at How to make "LED Dimmer using 555 timer" Step by Step completely

555 timer IC is an Integrated Circuit that can be used for so many different types of applications like Timer, Pulse generation, Oscillator, a Memory element, etc.

The main principle of this circuit is to generate a Pulse Width Modulation PWM Signal with the help of the good old reliable 555 Timer IC and vary the power being delivered to the LEDs and hence achieving the effect of LED Dimming.

Step 2: Hardware Required

  • 555 Timer IC
  • Resistor 1k Ohm
  • Resistor 220 Ohm
  • Variable Resistor 10k
  • Ceramic Capacitor
  • 100nf 2x
  • Small LED
  • Diode 1n4148 2x
  • 9V Battery with Clip
  • Breadboard
  • Jumper Wires

Step 3: Important Steps

Follow All Steps Carefully from the Video Tutorial Above (Recommended)

  • Step 1: Connect Pin 4 & 8 to VCC
  • Step 2: Make Pin 6 & 2 Short and Connect Pin 1 to GND
  • Step 3: Connect 100nf Capacitors to Pin 5 and Pin 2 of IC
  • Step 4: Connect 1k Resistor b/w Pin 7 and VCC
  • Step 5: Connect LED with 220 resistors at output pin 3 of IC
  • Step 6: Connect Two diodes with opposite polarity then connect one end to resistor r1 and other to pin 2 of ic
  • Step 7: Let's Power Up the Circuit

Step 4: Circuit Diagram

Step 5: Project Files

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