Introduction: LED Doll House Lighting

Most dollhouses do not come with LED lighting, so this Instructable will show you how to build one. The LEDs used are from a Christmas light string.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

To make this project, you will need:
2 LEDs
1 9-volt battery
Aluminum foil
Thin sheet of styrofoam
1 doll house

Step 2: Connect the Wiring

To connect the system, find the length of the house and cut the aluminum foil accordingly. Remember the location and orientation of the battery. The long contact of the LED connects to the plus end of the battery, while the short end goes to the minus end. Connect as shown in the picture. Repeat for the second LED.

Step 3: Make the Switch

To make the switch, cut one of the aluminum foil contacts, and tape both edges to the side of the doll house, as seen in the picture. The pieces of foil should not touch. Once all the wiring is connected, the circuit will only be completed when the cut foil pieces touch, therefore, this becomes your 'switch'. For continual light, tape the edges together while playing.

Step 4: Diffuse the Light

To perform this step, first bend the LEDs so that they are parallel to the ceiling. Then cut rectangular pieces of foam from the sheet of styrofoam. They should be big enough to cover the LEDs. Use one piece for each LED. If needed, refer to the pictures. This step is crucial, for without this, you would have spotlights, not house lights. The completed system with diffused lights should look like the third picture. After all the steps are done, use tape to cover the wiring to protect the user and to easily fix or change the setup, to show of your design, or simply use a wire.

Step 5: Enjoy!

You have just made a fully functional LED lighting system for your doll house. So playtime does not have to end at night.

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