Introduction: LED Dragon

my project is Led Dragon. The dragons and light in my opinion is the great combination. This dragon can be great decoration for holidays. :)

For this project is needed

  • plain paper,
  • Semi-Flexible Metallic Tube

  • cheesecloth

  • potato starch size ,
  • metallic paper ,
  • PVA glue,
  • Led lights, in this case i use to different lights blue and oridinary.
  • fantasy

Step 1: Making Process

At first you will need to chose what kind of animal you will create. There will be needed then some additional materials according , what kind of form you wanted create. I use the Semi-Flexible Metallic Tube for dragon body, I forgot at that stage to take the pictures. But I will tell. You need to make the potato starch glue, and then , the best will be some cheesecloth wrap on the metallic tube, and then glue the paper on. The paper can be glued by rend peaces, and then you will wait then the paper dried out, and put another layers until the body is enough strong. Similar to do with legs, ears mouth. For these will need the smaller tubes, or you can create tubes by yourself from paper.

Step 2: Paper Draying

For faster drying you can use the hairdryer. The Led you need to put by creating small holes in the dragon back and every single light take out of body. The wires is hided in the body.

Step 3: Metallic Paper for Eyes

For the nails and eyes i used the special metallic paper.

Step 4: The Details

All body is made from paper. If you want it is possible also the color the creature.

Step 5: Lights on :)

Finaly the lights on :)

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