Introduction: LED Drawstring Bag

Materials List:
Needle and Thread
2 (same sized) drawstring bags
1 garbage bag
Duct tape
Electrical Tape
3 led's
9 volt battery
Soldering Iron

Step 1: Soldering the Circuts

Solder 3 Led's in a series, then attach it to a switch on one end, and to a 9 volt battery on the other. Next solder a wire completing the connection between the other end of the battery, and the unused end of the switch.

Step 2: Assembling

Take your smaller of the 2 drawstring bags.
cut off the strings, and solder 4 small holes, 1 for each LED and one to feed the 9v battery attacher through.
then attach your circuit to the bag.

Step 3: Attaching Inner Layer to Middle Layer

Cut garbage bag to fit inside the outer bag, and outside the inner bag.
Put inner bag inside garbage bag, and tape tops together.

Step 4: Sowing Middle to Outer

Sow the 2 attached bags to the inside of the outer bag

Step 5: Finilizing

Cut off the access tape, and retape over the cut area.
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