Introduction: Light Emitting Duck

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Light up turkey/duck great for the holidays!!!

Step 1: What You Will Need,

220-ohm resistors 1/2 watt 5% tolerance
bicolor L.E.D 2.8v
22 gauge wire
Floral Wire
9v Battery Clip
2 AA battery pack

soldering iron with solder
glue gun with glue(optional)
wire cutters
wire strippers

Step 2: First Step

first your gonna want to connect the resistor to the positive pron(the longer end). then you take two 5 inch pieces of 22 gauge wire and connect them to the led and resistor.

Step 3: Second Step

then you take the positive end of the 9v clip and you connect that to the positive wire and the you connect the negative to the negative.the positive on the clip should be red and the negative black.

Step 4: Third Step

in this step your gonna want to solder the wires or glue them if you dont have a soldering iron/gun.

if you dont no how to solder your gonna want to go to my man noahs ible below on how to solder and if you dont know how to glue then you shouldnt be on instructables!?!
but anyway dont want to offend anybody so heres that link on how to solder!?!

Step 5: Fourth Step

nopw your gonna want to take a bic pen and wrap those floral wires around that. then you take the floral wires and put the led in them to keep that standing straight up.

Step 6: Turkey/duck

you can make your own ornament to put on it im just gonna put a rubber duck on mine though

Step 7: Last But Not Least

this is the step were you plug in the AA Bttery Pack and "Let It Glow"