Introduction: LED Eye Blinking for Robot

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This tutorial is about Blinking of eye of Robot using LED dot matrix.

Step 1: Theory

In a dot matrix display, multiple LEDs are wired together in rows and columns. This is done to minimize the number of pins required to drive them. For example, a 8×8 matrix of LEDs (shown above) would need 64 I/O pins, one for each LED pixel. By wiring all the anodes together in rows (R1 through R8), and cathodes in columns (C1 through C8), the required number of I/O pins is reduced to 16. Each LED is addressed by its row and column number. In the figure below, if R4 is pulled high and C3 is pulled low, the LED in fourth row and third column will be turned on. Characters can be displayed by fast scanning of either rows or columns.


  1. Arduino UNO with Cable
  2. LED dot matrix7219 display module (2)
  3. M-F Jumper wires

Step 3: Eye's Animation

This architecture allows the software to define animations sequences as tables of pairs of bitmaps and display duration.

Step 4: STEPS

  • pin 2 is connected to the DataIn

  • pin 4 is connected to the CLK
  • pin 3 is connected to CS
  • VCC to 5v
  • Gnd to Gnd


Step 6: VIDEO