Introduction: LED Fingertips

The other day I was searching things at Instructables and I found some gloves with LEDs and I liked the idea. Finally I found one instructable wich I really liked so I decided to make one. The instructables I found is this:

It's like a glove(but without glove) that has LEDs in the fingertips and when you touch something with the fingertip the LED turns on. I made my own versión and it's very cool and I recommend you to do it just for fun.


The explanation is very simple. As you'll know a circuit needs to be closed to work because if it's open the electricity won't go through it. This is basically the function of an interruptor.

In my instructable you need to touch something with the fingertp so the LED turns on.This is because when you touch something you are closing the circuit. It just works like a pushbutton.



- Acrylic

-5 LEDs

-3v battery


-Aluminium foil



-Soldering iron


-Dremel rotatory tool



-Hot glue gun


Measure your fingertips in the acrylic and with the dremel cut the five pieces , one for each finger.After that make a hole in the middle and put the LED in. Glue it with the hot glue gun. Then bend the positive and the negative legs of the LED.Repeat the process five times.


First measure the distance between your wrist and your fingertip. With that measurement cut 10 pieces of the wire, 5 for the positive and 5 for the negative. Then peel the end of the wires and solder the end of wires together. Do the same with the other five.Put the soldered side of one group of wires in the positive side of the battery. Do the same with the other group of wires and the negative side of the battery. Put tape arround the battery.

Solder the negative wire of each finger to the negative side of each LED.


Cut a velcro strap for your wrist and glue the battery to it. Then cut five velcro straps for your fingers and in the upper part glue aluminim foil and then glue the positive wire to the velcro so that it makes contact with the aluminium foil. After that glue the velcro to the acrylic and male sure that when you push the velcro the aluminium foil touches the pisitive leg of theLED so that it turns on. When you don't press it shouldn't make contact so the LEDs must be off.Now you have fini

Put it in your hand as glove and enjoy it.

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