Introduction: LED Fuse Sparebot

Lets have some fun with LED and Fuse :D

Step 1:

Parts :

  • Bulb (use broken bulb because only need the base)
  • 3 pcs Fuse
  • 1 pc LED 10 mm (i use orange colour because i just have orange in my stock, better use white colour)
  • 2 pcs button battery
  • 2 pcs magnet

Tools :

  • Solder.
  • Pliers or Hammer

  • Small screwdriver

Step 2: Get the Bulb Base

Take off the bulb from its base.

The easy way to get the bulb base is break the bulb glass with hammer or plier, must be carefully with broken glass,Use goggle and glove for safety.

Clean the whole base using a small screwdriver.

Step 3: Finishing

After solder LED to bulb base, solder fuse to the bulb base too,

because magnet can't stick to fuse tip

solder some iron wire , from LED excess wire, to fuse tip

Stick magnet together with button bateries to fuse tip,

Now you can put this sparebot to metal,its will stick and LED will light up.

make sure (+) (-) of bateries

Step 4:

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