LED Glow Mushrooms




Introduction: LED Glow Mushrooms

Here is a magical mushroom farm you can create! Made with some polymer clay and LED lights from a craft store. These make wonderful gifts for just under a dollar, and something funny to put in your neighbor's yard or a friend's houseplant. These are simple to make and quite a conversation starter...

Polymer Clay, I used Translucent Polymer Clay
LED lights, I used Celebration LED Balloon Lights OR Dollar Store Keychain LED lights
Super Glue
Toaster-oven or oven

Glow-in-the-dark paint and brush
Suncatcher paint
Glossy Protective paint

Note: Remember MOST craft stores will accept printable competitor's coupons, such as a 50% Michael's Coupons.

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Step 1: Forming the Mushroom

Step One

Decide what kind of LED light you will use. The Celebration Lights from a craft store needed to have the balloon tie trimmed off. Photo below.

Form a cap or top of mushroom. Roll out Polymer clay to 1/4 inch thickness and wrap around LED to form stem of mushroom. You can also make smaller mushrooms to form clumps of mushrooms. See detailed photos below.

Step 2: Baking

Step Two

Read your Polymer clay's instructions for baking. Remove the LED light before baking!!!

Step 3: Assemble

Step Three

Assemble your mushroom and glue it together. See detailed photos.

Step 4: Decorate

Step Five

Optional step-paint or the entire mushroom with Glow paint. If you want colored mushrooms paint your caps with the paint you get with a sun-catcher kit.

Step 5: GLOW

Step Six
Insert LED light.


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7 years ago on Introduction

Did you use some sort of powder or water to get the leds to come out cleanly? Or how did you do it? Clay tends to stick to things as I'm sure you know lol


10 years ago on Introduction

How do you get the light to turn on if you glue the mushroom together?


Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

You glue the cap of the mushroom to the hollow stem. Then you can place the light into the tube. You can remove the light to turn it on or off. The celebration lights in the photo need to be twisted to make the connection to light up. The dollar store keychain for the multicolored lights had a push button on the bottom. It depends on what LED lights you use. Just make sure the LED fits in the mushroom before you bake/glue on cap. Then place the lit LED inside once the mushroom is finished. Good question!