LED Grow Lights - FertiLight Halo Rings (Tomato Plant)




Introduction: LED Grow Lights - FertiLight Halo Rings (Tomato Plant)

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DIY by: Michael Goodman

Hi Everyone!!

Please check out my video tutorial regarding LED grow lights. I have seen amazing results with this set up and would love any feedback provided by everyone.

What I love about this particular brand; The FertiLight strip has a perfect Red to Blue ratio. The red light promotes photosynthesis while the blue promotes growth. I have had amazing results so far. Updates to come to those who ask via the comment section.

Materials List

1x - 5 Gallon Bucket
1x - Tomato (or other) Plant
1x - Tomato Cage
3x - 8x - FertiLight Strip Lights
1x - 60w Plug-In Adapter
1x - DC to Waterproof Cable
?x - Waterproof Extension Cables (Used for extending from your power supply to the plant and to jump from ring to ring)

or get a kit!! :)

Other Tools Used

Scotch Tape
Zip Ties
On/Off Timer (I like keeping it on random / Got mine from ACE Hardware)

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I love your idea about surrounding your plants with supplemental lighting like this. However, at 60 lumens per foot you are looking at a total of 480 lumens for 8 of these strips. Then you need to look at the loss of light because of the 120 degree spread of this particular strip.

    For the same price, you can add 5-6 times the lumens in the form of 23watt CFL bulbs. These provide a poor scatter but for the price you could place 4-5 of these under/around your plants. I would be less worried about a couple fluorescent lights running in the back yard than $200 dollars worth of LEDs personally.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Very interesting article, but I wonder about the practicality, coz of the price: 8 times a 17 dollar fertlight strip is 136 dollars. I have to raise a lot of tomatoplants to just break even for that..

    A readymade 220V LED 50 Watt growlight is already available for 50 euro's and that is just a matter of screwing it in a standard socket and attaching a timer


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, do you have a link to the 50 Euro light, or a brand name of it please?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry, not directly, iot has been too long. I think I saw that at a local grow shop here or it could have been at dealextreme