Introduction: LED Growing

This project is about using Led to helps plants grow.

Red LED can help plant's Promote lateral branching and tillering Green LED can help plants Strengthen growth Blue LED can help plant Shorten internodes, reduce leaf area, reduce relative growth rate, and increase nitrogen ratio And this project gather 3 LED to let the plants growing work getting easier. Which part of the plant that you are not satisfaction, you can use the different LED to change it.

Step 1: Things to Use


cardboard x 6

Red Led x 3, Green LED x 3, Blue LED x 3

Cellophane x 1

Breadboard x 1

wire x 21 Resistance x 9 Botton x 3

Step 2: How It Works?

Three Button

when to push, one of them,the Red LED will shine

one of them, the Green LED will shine

one of them, the Blue LED will shine

Step 3: Code

void setup(){ // put your setup code here, to run once: The link of the code

(You needs to change the delay(5000) to how long you needs, or wants the LED shine )

Step 4: How to Make the Look?

Cut the cardboard into 3 different types

Cut down three hole on the two side of the cardboard, to let the button go through cut a little hole that can let the Transmission line through use Hot melt gun to stick them all. If you want, you can stick the Cellophane on the cardboard, that can let you see the inside.