Introduction: LED Halo Rings

This will be a step-by-step instructable on how to make LED halo rings and the understanding of electrical components.

Step 1: Find a Strip of White LED Strips. (any Length)

Once you have found a strip of white LED lights, ensure that they are water resistant can contain a rubber coat over the electrical components. It is recommended to get these lights online in order to find a lower cost.

Step 2: Begin to Cut Your LED Strips to Make Your Halo Rings

To make your rings, begin to make specific measurements depending on your purpose. Any cutting tool is acceptable to perform this task. To get the best measurements and more accurate result, use a permanent when marking for measurements.

Step 3: Secure Your Rings

Once you have properly cut your LED strips with the appropriate measurements, use some zip ties to secure them (recommended).

Step 4: Set Up Electrical Components

Now that the LED halo rings are completed, it is time to include electrical wiring. To do so, you must detach the rubber coat from the strip and solder a positive and negative wire to the lights. You will also need some wire strippers to remove the rubber portion of the wire

Step 5: Connect to 12v Battery

Using the battery as the primary power source, use alligator clips to properly power the LED halo rings. Be caution when connecting the alligator clips to the battery.

Step 6: Final Result

You have completed the LED rings