LED Holiday TuTu




Introduction: LED Holiday TuTu

How to get the cute geeks to talk to you at this year's holiday party?
A groovalicious eTextile blinky-blink party tutu!

SImple, fast, fun and effective eTextile project for just about anyone.

Step 1: Gather Your Parts

TuTu - ready made or make one yourself
Aniomagic button schemer
Aniomagic lightboards - I ordered 3 sets of 5 light boards in Red, Green and White
Conductive thread - I used 4 ply stainless with 14 ohm resistance
3V battery
alligator clips

Step 2: Sew the Button Schemer to the Tutu

Thread your needle with conductive thread.
Be sure the needle fits thru the holes on your electronic parts.

Sew the positive and negative traces that will connect to your power source.

Step 3: Sew Lightboards to the Tutu

Sew the lightboards to the tutu following the pattern you have designed.

Each board is marked with a series of dots indicating the boards address.
This address determines how that specific LED will respond to the program.
All lightboards with three dots behave the same way.  As will all ones, twos, fours and fives.
Sew the lightboards in any location or sequence on the traces for your specific design.
Just be sure the dots always align with the positive trace.

This is whats so great about this product.
You can mix and match the lightboards colors and address on one set of traces.
Seriously, Aniomagic's products are so simple it is like the Apple of wearable computers.

Step 4: Connect the 3V Battery

Because I am using this tutu for a performance the battery needs to be easily and frequently accessible.

I simply taped the conductive thread directly to the battery.
This is not a long term solution, but will do for the performance and rapid battery changes.

Step 5: Program the Schemer Button

Using Aniomagics programing set your LEDs to behave the way you wish.

Write your program and hold the schemer button up to your computer screen.  This works on light so make sure the button schemer is close to the yellow flower on the screen.

Want to change the program while you're in party mode?
Use your iPhone to change the program.
See someone at a party with this tutu - go ahead, change her program on the fly. 
That would be super groovaliciousness!

Step 6: Look Tutu Fabulous for the Holiday Parties!

Yes, every geek large and small, girl and boy will want to talk to you!
Go ahead - loose control at the office party and spill a drink or two, 'cause this tutu can handle wetness.
Make a few for your girlfriends then go out torment the elves with your sassy ways.
What ever you do - be sure to have BIG fun this holiday season!

This tutu project will be on display Friday 18 December from 7 -10 p.m. at Mona Lucero's, 2544 15th Street in  Denver.  Please come visit and see how to make one for yourself!

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    11 years ago on Introduction

     You look absolutely great!!!

    This is sweet - I did a similar project, but instead of leds, I used a solar powered string of lights. I was so glad not to need batteries. But then again, leds last a long time, anyway.


    11 years ago on Step 6

    Damn, i would even wear that ( yes, I am a Guy, but its just awesome! )

    Lynne Bruning
    Lynne Bruning

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Waiting for the pics!!
    seriously - you can place these electronic parts in any piece of clothing, toy, hat whatever.  They are small, simple and most of all fun!  Give it a go, all the geeky girls will talk to you!  ;)


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I love these ideas they really do make me want to make some myself but more for my wife then for me.
    Awesome and super cute you've got great legs they really set off rara skirts

    Lynne Bruning
    Lynne Bruning

    11 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the comments!

    This project is so fun and simple its a great way to introduce kids to wearable electronics and basic programing. 

    Have fun with it and enjoy sharing the light.