Introduction: L.E.D. Hula Hoop Replacing Broken Battery Holder
This is a walkthrough detailing how to replace a broken battery holder for an L.E.D. Hula hoop..Pretty straight forward.
Suplies needed for this are..

-Needle nose plies
-Cutting pliers
-Wire stripper of some sort
-Electrical tape (if you choose not to reuse the prexisting tape)
-Solder gun and solder(not required but is the primo route to take)

Step 1: Removing Pushbutton Connector

-First depress the metal pushbutton down as far as you can (will make it easier to remove)
-With the needle nose pliers, reach inside the tube and grab the lip of the pushbutton.
-Now SLOWY and gently pull the pushbutton connector out. Sometimes it helps to twist while pulling.
-Now can pull alittle slack from inside the tubing to make things easier.

Step 2: Remove the Broken Battery Holder

-Remove the tape and take note of how it is taped up. (save if you wish to reuse)
-Take note of polarity (+/-)
-Cut the leads or de-solder if you have a solder gun available. If you are cutting the leads take note of how much wire length you have available before you make the cut because you will need room to restrip the ends of the leads.

Step 3: Attach New Battery Holder

-Strip enough insulation away from the leads that you can easliy and securly twist them together.
-Insure positive to positive neg to neg. If you arent sure just pop a battery in the holder and test it out. Youl really hate yourself if you get everything back together and you turn on the switch but nuthing me ;-)
-Now at this point if you have a solder gun availale, solder the connections
If you do not have a solder gun available, dont fret. Just make sure the wires are twisted together securly
-Now reapply the tape. Insure that it is taped in such a way that it would be impossible for the solder spots on either line to touch.

Step 4: Reinstall. DONE!

-Only thing left now is putting it back together!
-Feed the line back into the tubing..sometimes there can be alittle resistance so what I do is use something,in this case the handle end of an exacto knife, to stuff the line into the tubing. gentle
-Leave about a 1-1.5 inche gap between the gray connector and the battery holder
-Now grab the pushbutton connector...depress it and insert it into the gray tubing connector..try to make the 1-1.5 inches of wire slide into the tube WITH the pushbutton connector instead of sliding on top of it.

And were done!

Turn your hoop on and start hooping!