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This battery powered LED lamp can be used for outdoor parties or in places where outlets are not available. It is about 7 watts and will run for 3-4 hours; depending on the batteries chosen.

LED's used can be found here:


Step 1:

Start by printing the various files. You will need two "uprights," three "cylinders" and one each of the other pieces.

Step 2:

Glue the two uprights together.

Step 3:

Remove the sticky tape and attach the LED lights, five on each side of the uprights.

Step 4:

Insert the upright with lights into the base.

Step 5:

Glue the cylinders and end cap together. You can melt them together with a soldering iron also.

Step 6:

Ten AA batteries (NiMH rechargeable) will be held in the base. Solder the negative battery lead to a SPST switch.

Step 7:

Take a wire from the other side of the switch and attach it to the negative wire coming from the LED module.

Step 8:

Solder the positive battery lead to the positive lead on the LED module.

Step 9:

Push the wires neatly inside the base.

Step 10:

Add batteries.

Step 11:

Clip on the "base clip" to secure the batteries.

Step 12:

Place the lamp in a selected spot and turn it on. I used a 3d printed table


If you prefer, the lamp can be powered by a dc power supply, 12 volts capable of supplying 700 mA or more.

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    I wanted a DC plug, is 12v 2000 mA okay ?


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