Introduction: LED Lego Light Saber

Parts and things needed:

1. Your favorite StarWars Lego figure and a light saber

2. A small LED bulb (try to find a color that matches the sabers)

3. A small button-battery pack

4. Thin gauge wire

5. Electric drill and your smallest drill bit (must be thinner than the saber handle)

6. Super Glue

7. Solder and solder gun (Optional, it can work just fine twisting the wires together at the stripped ends)

8. The Force

Step 1: Drill Tiny Hole Thru Saber Handle

This is a delicate drilling, but easily accomplished with a simple work table vice to hold it fast while you drill straight down the center.

Step 2: Light and Battery

Take a small LED light from any cheap toy. Take a tiny battery from some cheap toy, the smaller the better. This one fits nicely onto a Lego "backpack"

Step 3: Attach LED to Saber Handle Bottom

Super glue blue LED into bottom of saber handle. The hole you drilled is to simply let the light pass through to illuminate the "laser" part of the sword.

Step 4: Simple Wiring, Part 1

Wrap one end of the wire (+ or - end) around the wrist with exposed wire crossing front of the palm

Step 5: Simple Wiring, Part 2

Wrap the other end (just be sure it is the opposite charge) of the wire around the saber handle, with exposed wire running across the section that connects to the hand

Step 6: Attach the Battery Pack

Glue battery pack to a lego "back-pack", or simply directly onto characters back

Step 7: Off


Step 8: On


Step 9: The Force

Your StarWars figure now has The Force, and may it be with you!

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