LED Light Bulb Card




Introduction: LED Light Bulb Card

In this instructions you will be shown how to create the back of the card. After following these instructions you will have a back to tape to the front side of a card to light it up with an LED light.

Step 1: Get Materials

You will need:

- Card

- Copper tape


- Battery

Step 2: Circuit

Draw the circuit on the card.

Make sure the LED will align with the picture/place on the picture on the piece of card it will be stuck to (front of the card).

Step 3: Test LED

Before you put down the copper tape and LED make sure you test the LED.

Step 4: Set Up Circuit

Put the LED down first and make sure that the legs of the LED are snuggly/have a good contact with he copper tape. The lay the rest of the copper tape around the circuit.

INSURE: there are no gaps in the circuit as this will cause it to short and prevent/stop the current resulting in the LED not lighting up. Take extra care on the turning points/corners of the circuit.

Step 5: Battery

Add the battery to the circuit - making sure the POSITIVE side of the battery connect (travelling through the copper tape) to the POSITIVE leg of the LED and the NEGATIVE side of the battery connect (travelling through the copper tape) to the NEGATIVE leg of the LED.

Step 6: Testing Circuit

By folding the card on the line you can test the circuit when pressure is applied. Insure the LED lights up before sticking the back onto your desired card front. You can do this either by two-sided selctape or blocks of foam (personal preference).

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    5 years ago

    I think this is great idea. I wish there was an "after" photo of the light installed on a card so you can see what the finished card looks like. I was a little unclear about how it would appear.

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Fun introduction to Circuits project. Thanks for sharing with the community.