Introduction: LED Light Upgrade to a Jeep CJ7

I was replacing the dash lights in my 1981 CJ7  and decided  to upgrade them to LEDs. Half of them were burnt out anyway so i got some 10mm LEDs off Ebay for 4 bucks.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Alright, your gonna need some LEDs, the dash lights, a vise grips and a file. you could use a vise and a dremmel and it would be faster. I dont have those, so i improvised.

Step 2: Dash Light Mod

Pull the front off the dashlight. if you look at the back, there are to spade prongs that connected to the wiring. These have to go. Put your vise grips and PUSH them through the front. Dont try to pull them out the back. Youll just bust the light

Step 3: Cut It Out

Cut out the back of the light between the slots. Demel would be awesome but all i had was a utility knife. Use a new blade if your gonna do it manually

Step 4: File the LED

If you got the 10mm LEDs like i did, youll have to file down 2 edges to make it fit. This i where the file or dremel comes in handy. test fit so Its snug

Step 5: Glue It In

Simple. slap some epoxy on the back and put the front back on. also would be a good time to test it out

Step 6: Testing

Just hook the POSITIVE to the Positive, and the same with the negative. Should light up nice and bright

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