LED Lighted Tool Box

Introduction: LED Lighted Tool Box

LED lighted tool box I made from peel and stick, 12 volt strip lighting, 12 volt adapter, aluminum floor Z, pop rivets, electrical tape, extra wire, pop rivets, and a few odds and ends. I have about $10 in it

Step 1: Get Lit


12 volt strip lighting 5 meters (I used non water proof, cool white)

12 volt adapter

aluminum floor Z

pop rivets

electrical tape


extra wire ( I used the wire off old Christmas lights)


drill and proper bit for short pop rivets

pop rivet gun

tin snips, or good pair of scissors

something to dull down sharp edges, like a grinder, file, wet stone, etc..

soldering gun or iron

I had to take off about a quarter inch of aluminum, so it would clear the drawer top. I did this with scissors, but I could had clamp it in a long straight edge, and score it, then bend and snap. Like they do with siding, in a brake. I cut to size. both the strip and Z. Soldered strip, with approximately wire length to go to adapter Stuck the strip to the underside of the flooring Z. Insulated it withe tape. Mounted adapter to side of top box, and drilled a hole in the bottom back of top box, so to thread wire thru. Then started mount the strips the tool box, I used about 7 rivets per strip. On the top box I just stuck it to back of the lid. All in all works great. I can see in every drawer, I could put a switch, but for now I just unplug it from a cheap 3 inlet extension cord

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    5 years ago

    sorry for the probably daft question, but what is Aluminuim Z (I assume its the channel shape, but I have never heard of it, so want to check I am thinking along the correct lines)..

    question aside, nice job, does it make life easier to find tools, or is it pure cosmetics?


    Reply 5 years ago

    Allot easier to see in the drawers. Loews has the z-bar for about $1.50 for a 48" piece in floor trim.