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Introduction: LED Lights for Liquor Bar

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Hey Guys

I have a Liquor Bar of small bottles at home.

It is located on a 3 level of glass Shelves.

But i wanna make it a bit special by adding LED Lights to it!

Enjoy my project


Step 1: Removing Liquor Bottles

First , remove all the bottles from the shelves , and place it in a secure location

Then , mark with a pencil the location of the wires.

Step 2: Start the Carve! - First Stage

Take your driller with a small drill bit, and start moving slowly from start to end.

Our goal is to carve a small yet deep enough ditch for the electrical wire 

Step 3: The Carve! - Second Stage

Finishing the Carving!

Very easy !

Step 4: The LED Lights Strip!

Ordered from eBay . 
Very cheep

Step 5: Prepare the LED Strip for the Shelves

First , cut a 12v 2a wire  , split it and add a small switch

Then, measure the overall length of the needed wire .

I wanted to connect the wires in a Serial Connection , so i have to cut expose the wire and solder to it the two small wires to connect to the LED strip.

Step 6: Measure the Length of the Wire

Step 7: Soldering Time!

Step 8: Make Sure It Works!

Connect it to the electricity!

Step 9: Install the Wires + Shelves

Mount the shelves back , and install the wire slowly inside the canal

Step 10: Make Sure Everything Works!

Step 11: Apply Sealant

Step 12: Still Filling Sealant

Step 13: Finished!

Finished the work!

All works great 

The lighting is awesome , and gives the bottles great look

Comments are welcomed!


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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I really like it, especially the hiding of the wires! Well done!