Introduction: LED MESH TAG TOOL

- uses move MESH tag

- philips HUE lights

- Wooden case (laser cutted)

Step 1: Turn on Your Move MESH Tag

- Press and hold the colored part of your mesh tag

- The light should glow and dim out

Step 2: Make Sure MESH Tag Is On

- Press the button again, if it is green it means the MESH tag is on

Step 3: Open MESH

- Download the MESH app

- Last row, second one down from the left

Step 4: Create a New Recipe

- Tap the plus in upper left corner

Step 5: Pair Your MESH Tags

- Press the plus on the bottom left, press your tag to make sure it's on

Step 6: It Should Show the MESH Tag Is Paired

Step 7: Drag and Drop Your Move Tag

Step 8: Drag and Drop Sound (optional)

Step 9: Connect MESH Tag to Sound

Step 10: Drag and Drop HUE Light

Step 11: Connect MESH Tag to HUE Light

Step 12: Tap Move Tag, Swipe Right to Orientaion

- tap which orientation you would like light to turn on

Step 13: Tap HUE Light and You May Change the Color of the HUE Light

Step 14: Drag and Drop the Move MESH Tag Again

Step 15: Drag and Drop Sound and HUE Light Again But Connect It to the Second Move Tag

Step 16: Tap the Move Tag, Swipe to Orientation and Tap a Different One

- You adjust this to turn on a different colored light to your liking

Step 17: Repeat Up to Six Times to Suit a Color to All Orientation Options Available


- Box to hold your MESH tag so it's safer

- simply stuff it with cotton to stabilize your MESH tag

Step 19: Make Sure You Adjust the Tag and Know All the Orientations From the Outside

- label each side of your box

Step 20: EX: I Labled the Left Side Left to Know If I Want to To Turn My Light (ex:blue) I Turn It Left

Step 21: Turn Off Tag Once Done (battery Last Up to 30 Days)

- Press and hold the MESH tag until the light dims down

Step 22: OPTION #2

- Instead of a HUE light

- you may use an LED MESH tag

- IT WORKS THE SAME WAY it's just a MESH LED light