Introduction: LED MOBILE CHARGER..

if you are at a hotel or at your home and  you do not have a mobile charger

then simply charge your mobile phone...

today i m going to tell you how... :)


the tv usually have a USB plugin.

like pc's and laptops..
so you can also be charge your mobile phone from the usb plugin of your LED  tv..

The new USB PD standard means that future USB cables will carry up to 100 watts of power, enough to charge a laptop directly, as well as things like tablets and phones much, much faster. Because it can handle both power and data, USB with the new standard will be able to figure out exactly how much voltage you need, based on five "profiles" (10W, 18W, 36W, 60W and 100W).

If you’re charging your smartphone, it will know to use less voltage. For your laptop, it will know to use more.

Step 2: THINK Htke :p ....

USB power will be more efficient , making it less expensive , as well as greener . It’s also safer than typical power adapters, and it’s more convenient:
a USB cable is easier to carry around. Imagine just needing one cord for all of your devices.

But most importantly ? USB is already used everywhere, from office buildings to residential homes.

USB is basically the standard for charging mobile electronic devices, so why not make it do more ? :P