Introduction: LED Macro Ring Light in Less Than One Hour

This instructable is inspired by some other similar instructables (e.g.
The difference is, that all you need for this Macro Ring Light is a Dremel® or similar tool and no additional hardware.
The used camping light still works with the built-in switch and batteries.
This Ring Light is designed for my Olympus E-520 SLR but I think this method will work for other SLRs too.
It will be attached to the lens hood fixture.
Making this Ring Light took me less than one hour, making the pictures during the process included.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

The basic material for this Ring Light is a camping light with built in switch and batteries that I got from Amazon.
The Tools needed for this Ring Light:
 - Lens Hood as a stencil for the cutting
 - felt tip permanent marker
 - Dremel with milling tool

Step 2: Milling the Mounting Fixture

Use the lens hood and a felt tip permanent marker to mark the outline for the milling. For this step the inner outline of the lens hood must be used.
Then use the Dremel to mill at the markings and the edge of the casing until the middle part falls off.
Then use the Dremel to cut a small groove under the edges that will hold the Ring Light in place on the lens.
After this step the Ring Light will attach smoothly onto the lens.

Step 3: Removing the Middle Part of the Front

In order to make photos we need to remove the middle part of the front of the camping light.
First remove the two wires and the middle PCB with the four LEDs.
Then just mill around the rectangular area and around the switch.

Step 4: Fitting the Battery Cover

For the battery cover to fit when mounted on the lens we need to do some more milling.
Again use the lens hood as a stencil -- now the outer dimension -- and start milling around the battery cover.

Step 5: Proof of Concept

Now add your new Ring Light to your lens and start shooting.
The switch on my light was a little loose after removing the back cover, so I fixed it with a little glue to the sides of the switch.
After all, a very inexpensive Ring Light and an "all in one" solution with batteries and switch in a compact case.