Introduction: LED Meta Knight Action Figure

A dark shadow is cast over the city. Chaos and panic rage through the streets. You look up and see the notorious airship: Halberd. The mysterious battle vessel circles around the area. You see someone jump off. He hits the ground with a thud and brandishes Galaxia, his razor sharp sword, in the air. The sun glints off his metal armor. Who is that masked man? The lone swordsman, also known as Meta Knight. Or at least an LED action figure of him.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

-A ping pong ball

This will be the base of our action figure.

-Card stock

The card stock will be folded to make the cape, sword, arms, legs, and armor. You can also just use colored paper.

-Markers (preferably Spectrum-noir alcohol markers)

The colors I used were BT8 (blue), IG5 (grey), DR4 (red), GB4 (yellow), and BP7 (purple). You can use a sharpie for the black.

-A hot glue gun (with refill glue sticks)

The hot glue gun will be used to glue all the pieces together.

-Duct Tape

This is optional.

Now that you have your materials, let’s start building.

Step 2: Creating Meta's Body

First, color the ping pong ball blue, but leave about 1/4 of it uncolored. In that fourth, draw two yellow eyes. Color the rest with the sharpie. Meta Knight's mask will cover the black area. The eye holes will show two yellow eyes surrounded by darkness. Leave your ping pong ball out to dry.

Step 3: The Meta Mask

We all know Meta Knight hates being unmasked, so let’s make him a mask. Start by folding your card-stock in half and cutting a semicircle along the fold. When it is unfolded it should reveal a full circle, but don’t unfold it yet. Cut the eye hole next. They should be slanted upward to give Meta Knight his sinister look. Now we have a flat mask. That’s boring. We need it to curve and cover Meta Knight’s face. To do this, we need to cut diagonal lines above and below the eye hole. Then glue the two ends together. Now we have a curved mask and we can glue it onto meta knight.

Step 4: Arms, Legs, and Galaxia

For the feet, glue a cylinder of purple card stock and pinch the end together. Then make a diagonal cut and glue that together. Repeat this for the other foot and glue them on the body. (The second and third picture show this). Cut Galaxia and the arms out of card-stock and color them. Galaxia has a yellow blade with 4 spikes, an orange hilt with 2 spikes, and a red jewel on the hilt. For the arms, fold the card stock in half and leave part of it unfolded so you can glue it on the the body. Then fold white card stock around the hilt of the sword and glued it to the arm. Make another arm with no sword and glue these onto the body.

Step 5: The Dimensional Cape

How does Meta Knight get around so quickly? Through his cape. Make the cape by coloring the card stock and cutting it out. The shape should resemble two trapezoids conjoined at their smaller base. Add white card stock to the top and draw 11 stripes (yes, I counted his stripes). You can then use duct tape or hot glue to attach it to the body. The shoulder pads are just pieces of purple card stock that are folded and glued on.

Step 6: Light ‘em Up!

Start by drilling a hole in the back of the ping pong ball (I used a box cutter but you can use whatever you want). You also need an LED light. I got mine by smashing a finger light on the ground. Insert the epoxy encapsulation into the back of the ping pong ball. Connect the anode rod to the positive side of a button battery and stack two more button batteries on top. The lighting can now be turned on by connecting the cathode rod to the negative side of the button batteries Just for fun I connected Meta to a motor and a remote control. You can watch him spin in the gifs above. You can make a stand from card stock by cutting a square with four flaps and folding it into a rectangular prism.

Step 7: Vote for This Instructable

Get out there and beat the rest of the playable ssbu cast! Make sure you vote and favorite (unless you don’t think it deserves a vote or it’s not your favorite). Comment below if you have any suggestions, questions, or anything to say at all.

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