Introduction: LED Night Lamp/Table Lamp Using Old Bottle

Made this LED Night Lamp/Table lamp using old Nivea Balsam bottles.


2 Old Nivea Balsam Bottles

2 Old Hard disk platters

1 foot White LED Strip with LED Driver

2 10MM MDF board pieces.

1 10MM Acylic Clear Sheet

Broken Cloth Hanger

Empty sketch pen barrel

Soldering iron and other tools as per you need

Step 1:

Take two empty nivea balsam bottles and old hard disk platters. Cut MDF board in shape as per your choice. Cut stems from old cloth hanger and spray them with matte black paint.

Step 2:

Polish top surface of one mdf piece and stain it with walnut colour stainer mixed with wood polish. Polish edges of bottom MDF sheet.Cut a notch in bottom MDF and middle acrylic sheet.

Step 3:

Thread the wires through the stems.

Step 4:

Cut the empty pen in two. Peal LED strip and attach it over the pens. Solder the thread wires to LED strip and attach the PEN over the stem.

Cut another LED strip and attach it to acrylic sheet base notch, facing outside. Attach the LED driver to base notch and solder the wires.

Step 5:

Paste all the three base plates together and attach the stem with bottles on the base.

Decorate it more by applying your ideas.

Power it and its done!