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Introduction: LED Ornament

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Need to geek up your x-mas tree this holiday season? Nothing is geekier than an LED, and an over-sized one at that. This instructable shows you how you how to make a quick and easy LED Ornament with supplies you probably have lying around your house.

Take a look at the result in the video below.

Step 1: Supplies

For this instructable you will need
1 Vending Machine Bubble (from vending machine prizes)
1 flashing LED
1 cr2023 batter holder
1 220ohm resistor
1 small switch
1 ornament hook
2 small nails
wax paper

Step 2: Wire the Circuit

First you want to wire up the LED circuit

The circuit is pretty basic, it's an LED throwie with a resistor and a switch, to make the battery last longer.

Step 3: Diffuse the Toy Bubble

Next you want to diffuse the LED light inside of the toy bubble. I used some wax paper. You could spray the inside with opaque spray paint.

Step 4: Close Up the Bottom

Next put the circuit inside and glue it together. I glued the switch so it's accessible from the outside.

Step 5: Add an Ornament Hook and Add Leads

Add an ornament hook on the top with some hot glue. Also add some LED leads with some glue in the bottom, i used some nails. Make sure one is shorter than the other!

Step 6: Enjoy the Light

Lastly enjoy the flashing light!

Stay tuned for more geek ornaments, post your own in the comments.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Where do you find such heavy duty hooks? All we can find anywhere are hooks so light that when you look at them they bend.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    This is just great. I plan on trying it soon. (after a trip to Radio Shack... can't say I have any of these things "lying around the house" :D


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Everyone here will know, but you might link to the LED throwies ible for someone who happens to run across this instructable from a search.