Introduction: LED POV Fan

Ever wonder how to create a POV display out of a fan??? Well here's how!

Step 1: Materials

1- Fan
1- Hall effect sensor- Allegro A3144EU
1- Arduino Pro Mini
1- FTDI Breakout Board
5- 5mm LEDs
5- 200 resistor
1- 10k resistor
1- switch
1- Wire
1- 80mAh LiPo Battery with protection circuit

Step 2: Make the Stick!

  • The length and width of your "stick" depends on the fan you have and the type of arduino you have but you can easily find those measurements using a ruler which then you can cut out a stick out of wood.
  • After you cut out the stick you can use a drill to make the wholes just make sure the LEDs can fit on them.
  • The size of the centered whole also depends on your fan.

* You can save yourself some work if you have access to a laser cuter.*

Step 3: Circuit!

  • See the drawing to know where to but the LEDs
  • Use the schematic to know where to solder everything.
  • You can either use a hot glue gun or tape to hold everything together.
  • *It's highly recommended to solder some headers to the Arduino to be able to upload the data with no problem*

Credit to GreatScottLab for the drawing of the LEDs and circuit design.

Step 4: Magnet!

Now you'll have to place a magnet on the frame of the fan making sure that the Hall Effect Sensor passes over it.

Step 5: Code!

You can now use your breakout board to upload the code to the arduino.

Letters: You can use the provided code to write any message.(instructions inside the file).

Star: Makes a cool star pattern.