Introduction: LED Paper Flower

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A simple paper flower with LED center.  This single flower can be duplicated to make a whole bouquet of LED flowers!

Step 1: Materials

I used things I found around my workshop.  Nothing too fancy, as I was only trying to test the design.  But now that I know it works, I'd really branch out and use some textured paper and maybe even some tulle for added decoration.

- paper (I used scrapbooking paper but any will do)
- wooden skewer
- green floral tape (optional)
- hot glue
- ruler
- scissors
- needle nose pliers
- conductive tape (copper works best but aluminum will do the trick too)
- 3V battery (I use CR2032)

Step 2: Creating the Flower

I found the heart shape design that I use as my flower base in a Martha Stewart article.  You can download the heart template off her website.  It also contains very easy to follow instructions for cutting the heart shape.

I cut two heart flower bases one a little bigger than the other.  The smaller one will fit inside the bigger heart.

Skewer both hearts through their center (at the base of the heart shape).

Using a little hot glue, attach the bigger heart to the tip of the wooden skewer. Once the glue has dried, we can attach the LED and smaller heart.

Step 3: Add the LED & Battery

This really is a simple circuit.  Both leads of the LED will be touching the battery, they're just a little bent. 

My design has the diode sitting flat on the top of the skewer.  In order for that to work, bend the shorter (negative) lead so it lies flat against the bigger paper heart flower.  

Cut a piece of copper tape long enough to not only cover the shorter (negative) lead to the flower but also stick to the negative side of your battery.  That's how we keep it in place!  

Once you've attached your shorter (negative) lead to the flower and the battery is secured, bend the longer (positive) lead of the LED over the battery.  It should turn on!  If not, check that you've connected the correct side of the battery to the LED. 

Finally, pop LED diode through the hole you made earlier in the smaller heart.  Now you're not only hiding the guts of your design but have some color inside your flower and a more realistic appearance with the added petals!

**NB: LED leads can break so be careful not to bend them too quickly or roughly.

Step 4: Adding a Switch & Other Last Touches

You could certainly design a switch on the stem somehow, if you use more copper tape or something, but I went with a very simple switch.  

To turn your flower OFF, just shove a single heart shape petal in between the longer (positive) lead and the battery.  Voila!  You've got yourself an LED Paper Flower!

If you'd like it to look more like a flower with a green stem and all, just cover up the wooden skewer with some green floral tape.


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