Introduction: LED Plexiglass Basketball Hoop

My partner and I have constructed a LED Plexiglass basketball Hoop. This project contains lasering, 3D printing, and some other various skills to complete. After completion of the project, you will have a new fun game to light up any room. We will take you step by step through the completion of this project, so you can construct your own.


Backboard- 16 inches by 12 inches Plexiglass.
(Something to engrave the plexiglass; laser)

Rim- 3d printer, the material of choice.

Holder piece(bracket) - Material of choice

LED lights.


Suction cups.

Portable charger or some way to power it.

Step 1: Sketching

Start by making sketches of your products.

On the right, you see a wildcats design that we will laser on the plexiglass backboard created by adobe illustrator.

On the left, you see a rim design created on inventor that we will 3d print.

In the middle, you will see a piece also created on inventor, this will be used to hold the LED's in place and to hold up the hoop

Think about your measurements.

This link will lead you to a doc with the links of the parts

Step 2: Cutting & Printing

After cutting and printing your products should look somewhat like this.

After this, all you will need is LEDs and a net. The LEDs can be purchased from the store and the net could also be purchased or 3d printed.

Step 3: Assembly

Combine all the parts.

To mount this you could either use some household options like nails or tape or 3d print a part as we did.

You want to put the LEDs in the bracket piece and attach that to the top of the backboard. Glue or stick the suction cups to the bracket and then you can attach it the wall.

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