Introduction: LED Push Light With 3D Pen

I just got a 3D printing pen and wanted to try and make something usefull. I decided to make a really simple LED push light. You don't need to solder or know anything about electrics to make this light.

Step 1: What You Will Need

- A 3D printing pen

- PLA filament of any color

- An LED

- A 3-volt battery

Optional: A keychain

Step 2: Creating the Shape

Create the bottom shape. First I drew the shape on a piece of paper, so I would have a stencil to create my 3D shape.

Draw a circle shape and fill it in. This is the bottom of the light. Trace the edges but leave a little space on top for the led to be placed in. Keep tracing the edge until the it's high enough for the battery to be put into.

I also added a little loop on the bottom to add a keychain.

Now make the top shape. The top isn't filled in completely but leaves a U-shape. This is so we can push to light our led.

Now we have the 2 shapes, it's time to assemble the light.

Step 3: Assemble the Light

An LED has two legs. The long one is positive (+) and the short one negative (-).

Bend the long leg a little bit, so when you put the 3-volt battery between the two legs, the led doesn't stay on. But when you push the two legs against the 3-volt battery it should light up.

Put the LED and battery in the bottom shape. (See photo). Put the top part onto the bottom one and push to test your light.

If it works, go to the next step.

Step 4: Put the Two Shapes Together

Hold the assembled light and use your 3D-printing pen to trace the edge of the two shapes. You should end up with the to shapes attached to each other.

If the LED is a bit lose, you can use the pen to glue it into place. Just trace around the edge of the LED.

If you want you can attach a keychain to the loop.

Congratulations! You now have your own LED-push light. If you attach it to your house key, you will never again have to search for the keyhole in the dark.

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