Introduction: LED Pyramid

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Use ultra thin digital LED strip and acrylic tube to build a LED pyramid and control it with computer with the blinkytape controller

Step 1: Materials:

1. Blinkytape Controller Board

2. 4mm ultra thin digital LED strip, white color,60led/meter, 2meter, the digital LED is the latest one which it is SK6812mini RGB. 3535 package

3. clear acrylic tube (spec: D=8mm, d=6mm, lenghth=330mm, QTY:6pcs)

4.3D printing elbows and caps QTY: 6 sets

5. acrylic glue

6. 380~400mm cables, 3pieces

7. 5mm led strip repaired pcb(Optional. You can solder the wire directly to the led strip. Or you can cut a 5mm*10mm bread borad to solder the led strip and the wires on it in order to protect the copper pad on the led strip. The led repaired pcb concept is similar to the led strip repaired kit on blinkinlabs. However we don't have the pcba here. I just cut some sot-89 bread board for it)

Step 2: Software:

Step 3: Cut the Output Parts of Led Strips ( Length 310mm, 20 Leds) and Solder the Led Strip Repaired Board to It.

Step 4: Solder the Led Repaired Board to the Rest of the Led Strip. and Solder the Wires to the Long Strip.

Step 5: 3D Print the 3ways Elbows and Caps

Step 6:

Step 7: Insert the Led Strips in to the Elbows and the Acrylic Tube to Make the Pyramid

Step 8: Connect the Blinkytape Controller to the LED Strip With JST Connector

Resize the led strip on the pattern paint software

Draw your patterns and download them to the blinkytape controller

Or you can use the micro usb cable to play with the blinkytape controller real time or draw and download your own pattern.

Or you can use mad mapper or disco party to control the led pyramid through blinkytape controller like my friend Matt Mets did.

Blinky pyramid

Blinky pyramid

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