Introduction: LED Sheet Metal Victory Sign

My name is Kyla Hovey. I attend Choice Technical Academy in Owatonna, Minnesota. It is a project based school. I came up with the idea to make a Victory Motorcycle sign for my dad's birthday. It took a month to put this project together. These were my steps:

1. I drew the dimensions of the VICTORY logo on plywood.

2. I cut out the plywood where the light would shine through.

3. I added a lens cover to diffuse the LED lights.

4. I added 2x2 boards along the edge to make a box.

5. I positioned and connected LED lights to the back sheet of plywood.

6. I cut the sheet metal 2ft 4in by 4ft 4in.

7. I had VICTORY MOTORCYLES USA cut out with a laser cutter.

8. I cut the corners out of the sheet metal, 2x2.

9. Then used a brake to bend the edges 2in. on all 4 sides to fit over the plywood box.

10. I used painters tape and newspaper to outline the center of the V.

11. I spray painted it red with Rustoleum sheet metal paint.

12. Then I covered and outlined the area that would be painted silver.

13. While the paint dried, I attached the back plywood to the top plywood with wood screws along the edges into the 2x2 boards.

14. I put the sheet metal over the plywood box and used sheet metal screws to attach it along all 4 sides.

15. I uncovered the painters tape and newspaper.

15. I used a silver Sharpie marker to outline VICTORY MOTORCYCLES.

16. I was finally finished and ready to give it to my dad for his birthday!!!

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