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There have been instructables about "LED Throwies","LED Floaties", and "LED Patchies" (and more) but now I present LED Shooties! These are meant to be shot out of your blowgun, which can be seen in my other instructables.

These specialized darts are very extreme, as they work as tracer rounds for my blowguns.These guns can shoot many things, but none of them are nearly as extreme as these LED shooties. Check out the links below. Most are my instructables, but one is by my good friend Higgs Boson. We make and shoot blowguns together (and at eachother.)

Here are some other LED -ies links!

Step 1: Make the Dart

Roll up a piece of paper and put a screw in the end. Cut it down to size so it will shoot out of your blowgun.

Step 2: Make the LED Glow

Tape two small watch batteries together and tape the LED on to them, so it lights up. Extra bright LEDs work the best here.

Step 3: Secure the LED

Tape the LED into the back end of the dart. Pretty simple.

Step 4: Shoot It!!!

Shoot it into he night! Here is a really bad video. The LED that I have is not an extra bright one, so ti doesn't work very well.

One final thought....... pop-its into explosive darts?
An instructable is soon to follow.
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