LED Spin Wand/Nunchaku



Introduction: LED Spin Wand/Nunchaku

AEROD stands for App Enabled Rotational Ocular Display

Step 1: POV LED Wand

You probably saw the nice spinning 3D holographic LED fan display that went viral. If you don't have $500 burning a hole in your pocket to get the WOW factor. Here is simpler cheaper version that is a bit more mobile, still versatile and fun around the party.

Step 2: Sub $100 Programmable LED POV

Parts required. Some of small parts only comes in bulk, even thru you just need one in the project.

Mini Magnet $6 for 35

Gloogly Eye $5 for 500

Progrmmable Bike Spoke LED $70 for 2, $50 for 1

Spin ring $11

Shower ring: $8 for 36, you just need the 1 1/2" welded ring

Place 6mm mini magnet inside a 10mm or 12 mm Gloogly Eye. Make sure the magnet is free to move inside the eye.

Tape or glue the magnet eye over the Bike LED light magnet sensor. Shaking the magnet would fool the sensor

Epoxy glue the Spin Ring or 1 1/2" welded ring in the middle. It helps to get a better center of rotation.

Add some weight with a key ring at one end of wand to make it easier to spin.

You are done.

Step 3: Calling Dr. Strange

Step 4: Chain Two of Them Together, You Got a LED Nunchaku

Go, Go, Techno Ninja

Step 5: Show Off Your Moves

Step 6: Long Long Ago, in a Galaxy Far Far Away

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